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As a quality conscious name, we start focusing on quality right from the choice of seeds that are procured only from authorized seed producers. Strict quality practices are conducted at the time of product procurement to stay assured that quality is given prime importance. In addition to this, farmland is tested under several criteria including suitable soil conditions, etc. We choose only those farms for cultivation purposes that are passed on our conducted quality tests.

Periodic inspections are conducted on the fields against incidents of pests, weeds and diseases. Remedial actions are taken in proper time to mend all field odds. Also, we arrange farmer education programs at regular intervals to guide them about latest farming techniques.

All seeds and raw material are subject to thorough inspection by our qualified and experienced quality inspectors and are used only after their approval. Supported by a full-fledged laboratory, our quality supervisors continuously monitor all in-house processes to leave no scope for any error on our part.

By collecting necessary data for analysis, we strive to make continuous improvement.


With our documented system and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) & GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) followed under our brand, we maintain total food safety and adhere to industrial parameters. Further, all our products like almond nuts, South African walnuts, etc are checked before making final shipment. For the convenience of our clients and quality records, all shipments are traceable. Operations & facilities of Ken have been time to time inspected & approved by major customers in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Product Development

Green World Group Pty Ltd. production team comprises of skilled & trained professionals. Keeping in mind different customer preferences, the personnel focuses on innovating the products.

Our Policy:

We have formed client focused policies, according to which we constantly watch over farming practices that are adopted by our contract farmers and look after even the slightest degradation in harvested products. All the processes of pickling & packing are monitored and even the slightest disapproval from clients are being considered.

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