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Stories About Us

The Founding of Green World Group:

Founded in April 1985 as a sole proprietorship firm in Johannesburg as Green Agro. Our brand went through numerable achievements in trade, export and brokerage of multiple commodities like agricultural, food, Bio-Fuel, Plastics, etc by meeting exact requirements of its valued clients. After taking over and coming in partnership with 5 other agro firms including Medex International Trading, WAWF, Agrollex Trading, Uzani International and the Green Life Investment Ltd.; Green Agro Group became a Green World Group Pty Ltd. in 2009.

Our Success Story:

Since we stepped in the business of agricultural products, we had been a respected firm and today, we have undoubtedly become a leading entity; while serving to our domestic and international clients. Also, with passing time, we have successfully been evolving as a brand by constantly exploring new business prospects.

Our Strategy

Our strategy since beginning has been to strengthen our industrial position and become a leading exporter, trader and brokerage, while meeting ever-increasing demands of Agricultural Commodities, Grains, Pulses, Fresh & Dried Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Kernels, Food Additives, Spices, Cereals, Beans & Bean Products, Plastics, Energy, Seed Oils, Construction Material, Minerals, Sugar, Food, etc. in responsible manner.

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience:

Serving our clients for over 2 decades, Green World Group Pty Ltd. is leading the industry by receiving the success in all areas. Our tradings in worldwide market have proved to be the concrete foundation of our tremendous success. Keeping the high quality standards and customer benefits in mind, we select, procure and pack all products with utmost care.

Awesome Customer Support:

In order to meet customers' expectations, we offer superb customer services with help of our expert professionals. All our business ventures take place with most transparency that helps us in avoiding potential conflicts. Also, our prestige depends upon offering best quality products along with exceptional services & industry awareness with help of our devoted professionals.

Corporate responsibility:

We are totally committed to our corporate value and responsibilities to manage business operations. As per our belief, sustainable success comes from healthy and consistent growth of partners and vitality of the community. Like an old Chinese saying, a short step, a thousand miles; we will move on with our corporate social responsibilities.

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