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Business Background

Background of Business

Gherkins, the vegetable is the standard accompaniment for western food is creeper with a small duration of just 90 days. It starts yielding from 35 days from seedling day and hard harvested for more than 45 days  over the crop cycle time. It is then preserved and bottled to specific recipes for consumer market. Our major advantages are in the areas of Mpumalanga, is low labor cost and wide agro climate window which enables us to supply throughout the year unlike 3 to 4 months in U.S. and European countries. Further, as there is no local crop demand, contract farming is highly successful as an operating model as the farmers timely meet their commitments unlike common vegetables like tomatoes, where the farmers have to sell the crops in an open market. The industry has been elaborated in terms of global demand and supply scenario in all segments with geographic region in consequent sections. Moreover, the main issue of the industry is how & where to compete. It is clearly a functionality of in-depth and specified domain knowledge, experience and quality of management.

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